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Dear client,

Further to your immigration inquiry, to begin the immigration process you need an initial assessment. This allows us to assess your eligibility to migrate to Canada under the 40 plus categories and sieve out those categories that you qualify under.

This is followed by a written Immigration opinion (your assessment results of the categories you qualify for explained with their benefits) e-mailed to you through PDF or word format.

After you have the immigration opinion to digest it; We arrange a personal, skype/ whatsapp/ face time or telephone conference to answer any queries regarding the qualifying categories assessed.

This will give you an informed and in-depth decision on what to do; and allows both of us to decide the most viable option of immigration.

The assessment will also establish if you qualify for any work-related permits like the provincial nominee programs, express entry or student visa which allows you to work part time while studying and full time on holiday.

Because there are over 40 options available to you, we cannot tell you of the processing times and the government and legal fees of each of them as you will only choose one. Those are questions answered after an assessment, immigration opinion and consultation; when we establish your most viable option.

Attached are the pre-assessment questionnaires you need to fill in and return to me as soon as possible to get the process started. The assessment, immigration opinion and consultation cost a discounted fee of 300.00 CAD. Once the payment is received and the pre-assessment forms filled and returned; we will assess you, offer you an immigration opinion and will arrange an immediate consultative call. After the above process; you will then make a decision on moving your application forward.

Feel free to seek clarification on this initial process should the need for it arise through our e-mail [email protected] or by calling direct number on +1 778 862 1284 or +256 772 646 849


Kind regards,